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Enviu THRUST progress report 2019-2022 

A Recap: How far THRUST has come towards a zero-footprint maritime industry The THRUST progress report 2019-2022 illustrates how we ...
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Why a Circular Transition?

During its lifetime a ship will be designed, built, operated, and eventually dismantled – a textbook example of the linear ...
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e-Fuels are crucial to sustainable heavy transport

e-Ammonia is a solution for deep sea shipping Synthetic fuels produced from electricity, or e-fuels, will play an important role ...
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Seven reasons why ammonia is a game changer for the Maritime Industry

Green hydrogen is an essential part of the solution to decarbonise industries like the maritime industry that are difficult, expensive or resistant ...
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First hydrogen fueled water taxi being developed by Enviu and partners

In 2021, passengers can board a Rotterdam water taxi running on hydrogen. It will be the world’s first time on ...
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Developing a business model to kickstart a hydrogen infrastructure in the maritime sector A couple of weeks ago the Rotterdam ...
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