Why Inner City Transport?

Many cities across the world offer one or multiple ways of transport over water, an often more efficient (and enjoyable) alternative to transport over land. Transport over water has the potential to reduce emissions and traffic congestion in many cities across the world.

More and more ships are driven by clean and silent battery charged electric motors, which contributes directly to a clean and more liveable inner city. However, batteries have serious limits in terms of voyage range due to their weight.

Hydrogen-based fuels can offer the solution!

Our Action

Together with its partners, THRUST is currently working towards converting a classic Watertaxi in Rotterdam to run on a battery-fuel cell system combined with a 30 kW electro-motor. To supply the Watertaxi with hydrogen, a mobile fuel station is planned to be installed at RDM – Rotterdam.

The Watertaxi will become a showcase to accelerate further uptake of zero-emission technologies. Not only for waterborne transport in Rotterdam, but also across water-rich cities globally. This project is made possible thanks to a financial contribution from CityLab010.

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