Green Maritime Initiatives

As the need for climate action grows, more and more sustainable maritime initiatives arise all over the world with various technologies and systems being developed. With this level of development activity, there is a risk of unwanted parallel development, but also an opportunity to learn from each other and accelerate the development process.

THRUST has identified multiple initiatives are currently focussing on similar technologies or systems, and thus have to overcome the same obstacles on the road. In a matured industry, such situation can lead to healthy competition. However, in this phase of the industry’s matureness it affects the development of sustainable technologies negatively. Collaboration and sharing is key in overcoming these obstacles and be able to inspire others.

At THRUST  we are involved with – directly or directly – several  of these green maritime initiatives globally and therefore believe we can contribute also by linking these initiatives. With an overview we aim to provide inspiration and examples to companies, entrepreneurs, governmental organisations, innovators and anyone else who is interested in sustainable maritime technologies. By doing so, THRUST wants to boost green maritime development and help the maritime industry make its giant leap towards a fossil fuel free future!

The overview can be seen on the pages below. Feel free to contact us if you have comments and suggestions, seeking collaboration opportunities or want to draw our attention to an initiative that hasn’t been listed yet.

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