Liquefied Natural Gas

  • offers a significant reduction potential of harmful emissions (SOx, NOx, PM) in comparison with fossil fuels
  • has 25% less carbon emissions compared to diesel
  • is not fossil fuel free
  • besides CO2 also has a high amount of polluting methane slip
  • has a strong odor
  • is highly explosive
  • is corrosive

LNG is increasingly used it in the shipping sector and terminals exists in an increasing amount of countries with current infrastructure in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The use of LNG reduces a lot the harmful emissions and is currently the most cost-effective fuel to comply with upcoming regulations. However, the remaining emissions will not allow LNG to be used as a maritime fuel if strict regulations will be implemented in the future and cannot meet the long-term goal of cutting GHG emissions of the IMO

LNG is an interesting intermediate solution but only temporary due to its fossil basis.     

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