Energy Transition

e-Fuels are crucial to sustainable heavy transport

e-Ammonia is a solution for deep sea shipping Synthetic fuels produced from electricity, or e-fuels, will play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions from long-distance truck transport, aviation and shipping. For deep sea shipping, synthetic ammonia is also an important option. Even though green hydrogen is needed to produce e-fuels, its applicability as a …

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THRUST Impact Model

Conventional fuels and fossil-fuel free alternatives are not yet competitive on a cost basis. Taking into account however the wider societal impact as well as future regulations and technological developments, they will become competitive on certain routes sooner than you may think. The THRUST Impact Model allows for a comparison between renewable, alternative and fossil …

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Maritime Hydrogen & Marine Energy conference, Florø, Norway 18-19 Sept

Last week THRUST attended the conference Maritime Hydrogen & Marine Energy in Florø, Norway. Arriving by ferry through the fjords showed the great opportunity zero-emission transport over water offers in Scandinavia. Besides global impact, it is important for the Norwegians to keep the fjords, some of them World Heritage sites, as clean as possible. The …

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Let’s Create THRUST Together

Since Enviu started looking into the maritime transport sector in 2016, a lot has happened. As an impact-driven venture building studio, Enviu runs programmes to deeply understand flawed value chains. Within our programmes we try to identify key challenges towards a more sustainable system and to develop strategic interventions to overcome these and we believe …

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