Ammonia In Fuel Cells

Ammonia is an excellent hydrogen carrier, having three hydrogen atoms in its molecule (NH3). It is 5 times more energy dense than compressed hydrogen at 300 bar, making it a very interesting alternative fuel for the maritime transport sector.

The main advantage for ammonia as a fuel is that a large global infrastructure already exists, because of its widespread use in the fertilizer industry.

Ammonia can be produced without any GHG emissions when renewable hydrogen is combined with nitrogen.

Ammonia is already being shipped across the globe - these large tankers may be the ideal ships to start sailing on their own supply

Our Action

In collaboration with the University of Perugia we are performing R&D on the application of ammonia in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. In particular we are:

  • Assessing any possibly harmful emissions;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the fuel cell;
  • Optimizing the operating conditions and parameters;
  • Critically assessing the system in a maritime environment;
  • Examining the performance of ammonia compared to hydrogen for such system.

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