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THRUST is an independent zero footprint innovation studio for the maritime industry.

We’re connectors within the shipping sector, which is often locked in silos. The necessary zero-footprint solutions for the maritime sector cannot come from one stakeholder independently. THRUST believes that the goal can be achieved by co-creating innovative business models through deep cross-sectoral collaboration with corporate, knowledge and innovation partners. Bringing these innovative business models to market is the core of what we call venture building — the key to accelerating the industry towards zero footprint.

This is done by applying Enviu’s proven venture-building methodology to turn a model into an actual business, capable of realizing its zero-footprint potential.

Since 2019, THRUST is supported by the Gieskes-Strijbis foundation, a Dutch foundation that supports initiatives  contributing to social and environmental progress.


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•Clean Technologies

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•Lean Start-up
•Sustainable Business Models

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•Project Management
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•Sustainable Energy Innovations

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•Venture Philanthropy

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A program by Enviu

THRUST was initiated as Future Proof Shipping by Enviu and Huib van de Grijspaarde in 2016.

Huib, an entrepreneur and impact investor with a shipping heritage is at the helm of two social enterprises in Africa. He believes in applying business principles to solve larger societal issues. Huib is passionate about innovating to usher in a more competitive and sustainable world.

Enviu is an issue-driven organization that creates market solutions for large-scale social and ecological problems and builds multinational social enterprises as drivers for system change.

As an impact-driven ‘venture building studio’ Enviu has the expertise, methodology and capacity to ideate, develop and grow impact ventures to a commercially viable scale. Our mission: An economy that serves people and the planet. Together with partners, we build ‘world-changing’ companies that address social and environmental issues and drive failing markets towards a new normal. 

From building hydrogen-powered vessels as an alternative for fossil fuels in the global shipping industry, to realizing a fair and circular apparel production value chain in India, to driving zero percent food loss in East Africa. Since 2004, we have (co-)founded more than 18 impact-driven ventures through our teams in India, Kenya, Indonesia, Chile, and the Netherlands.

In 2018, Future Proof Shipping B.V.the first maritime venture spurring from Enviu was founded.

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