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Maritime transport has a significant footprint

Despite the fact that transport over water is the most energy-efficient means of transportation, its environmental footprint is significant. If the maritime industry were a country, it would be among the top 6 producers of GHGs globally: it emits 1 billion tonnes of CO2 annually and seventeen of the largest ships in the world produce as much sulphur emissions as all the world’s cars combined.

As the threat to our environment is real and urgent we need to act now and focus on solutions that lead us to a truly sustainable world. The shipping industry has immense potential for reducing its ecological footprint but is currently limited by several macroeconomic factors that affect the maritime industry and the world at large.

Our path to clean and zero emission shipping

We foresee that hydrogen will play a vital role in enabling the use of renewable energy sources to their full potential and in ushering in a truly zero emissions shipping world.

The International Maritime organization wants to reduce the total annual GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008, while, at the same time, pursuing efforts towards phasing them out entirely.

Phasing out harmful emissions altogether can only be achieved by using 100% renewable energy.

In partnership with governments, universities, entrepreneurs, innovators and key players in the shipping and energy industry, THRUST aims to accelerate the adoption of clean technologies and innovations for the maritime industry and to stimulate the transition towards a fossil fuel free and more circular shipping industry.

We aim to break down silos and want to cooperate with all partners with relevant expertise, vision and ambition across all sectors, from zero-emission activism to relevant innovations and industries. If we would think we could do it alone, we would not be thinking big enough.

How we create systemic change

To spur systemic change THRUST aims to be an integrator of innovative technologies, business models, sectors and capital. We aim to accelerating the transition towards a zero-emission maritime transport industry by focusing on:

  1. Knowledge Development – to accelerate crucial technological developments by e.g. financing specific fundamental research;
  2. Business Model Validation – to validate and enable commercialization of new technologies and business models by e.g. initiating demonstration projects and pilots in live environments;
  3. Market Entry – to accelerate and enable widespread distribution of 0-emission technologies by launching new ventures and inspiring other market participants.

Who we are

THRUST was initiated as Future Proof Shipping by Enviu and Huib van de Grijspaarde in 2016.

Huib, an entrepreneur and impact investor with a shipping heritage is at the helm of two social enterprises in Africa. He believes in applying business principles to solve larger societal issues. Huib is passionate about innovating to usher in a more competitive and sustainable world.

Enviu is an issue-driven organisation that creates market solutions for large scale social and ecological problems and builds multinational social enterprises as drivers for system change.

In 2018, Future Proof Shipping B.V. the first venture spurring from the programme was founded.

Since 2019, THRUST is supported by the Gieskes-Strijbis foundation, a Dutch foundation that supports initiatives  contributing to social and environmental progress.


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