Giving the energy transition on water a push forward

THRUST - Towards Hydrogen-based Renewables Used for Ship Transportation

The maritime transport industry offers a great opportunity to reduce impact on our climate

The Earth is warming faster today than at any point in the past 2000 years. The transport industry, including the maritime branch, has a large impact on the climate.

If no action is taken, the global climate impact share of shipping is set to increase exponentially in the coming decades.

THRUST is a multi-year initiative to help reduce the climate impact caused by the maritime transport industry and make sustainable growth possible.

To spur systemic change, THRUST supports research, initiates pilot projects and builds new ventures. The projects below are our first building blocks towards a zero-emission industry.

- 01\05 Inland Shipping

In 2018 we launched Future Proof Shipping B.V.

FPS B.V. offers commercial, technical and financial services and is currently developing a pilot that will demonstrate zero-emission transport of container cargo between the Netherlands and Belgium.

FPS aims to be the first to pilot a hydrogen-fuel cell combination for the main propulsion system at large scale.

02\05 Inner City Water-Transport -

We will prototype zero-emmission transportation in cities

We are currently working towards converting one of the iconic Watertaxis in Rotterdam to run on 100% fossil fuel free technologies.

The zero-emission watertaxi will be ready to set sail in 2021!  

03\05 Energy Transition At Sea -

We're building a business case for a transition to renewables

We have bold ambitions!

We are currently building business cases for the energy transition at sea by capitalising on the unique characteristics of specific locations, existing off-shore expertise and our commercial spirit.

- 04\05 Future Proof Fuel

We're exploring which fuels can propel the maritime transport sector towards zero harmful emissions

To achieve a fossil fuel free maritime industry we are investigating alternative fuels to accommodate the needs of the sector without any harmful emissions.

We are working with world leading scientists to make this happen.

05\05 Zero-emission Technologies -

We are scouting new technologies to enable a fossil fuel free future

To achieve a fossil fuel free maritime industry we are investigating alternative solutions to accommodate the needs of the sector without any harmful emissions.

We are working with leading technology providers, innovators and universities to make this happen.

05\05 Zero-emission Technologies -

Thrust Impact Model

We developed our impact model to help organisations choose the right zero emission fuel and technology for their ships.

This easy-to-use model provides tailored and unbiased information to stakeholders helping users to calculate the comprehensive cost of a journey. This is more than just the cost of fuel and technology, it combines a blended measure of the societal and environmental impact created.

Several transition scenarios towards a fossil fuel free maritime sector can be selected, ranging from a conservative transition speed, to an accelerated one.

Join Us

Join us if you have the ambition to:

Create real impact by proving that zero-emission business models can work already today.

Create new sustainable industries, setting the pace for maritime decarbonisation globally.

Invest in a future we can be proud of: re-shaping the oil & gas, maritime & offshore industries.

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