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The maritime transport industry offers a great opportunity to reduce climate impact

The Earth is warming faster today than at any point in the past 2000 years. The transport industry, including the maritime branch, has a large impact on the climate.

Awareness of this impact has increased within the industry, and the sector is pledging to go green! Initiatives for hydrogen as a fuel of the future, reduction of emissions and improvements in material life-cycles are on the agenda for shipping companies, ports, regulatory bodies and other relevant actors.

The momentum for positive change is there, the question that remains is how to bring it about?




THRUST is working to transition the industry to zero-footprint

We have bold ambitions!

THRUST is an independent innovation studio, aiming to spur the necessary systemic change to transition the maritime sector to zero-footprint.

We believe this goal can be achieved by building viable business models through cross sectoral collaboration with corporate, knowledge and innovation partners. This is what we call venture building. The combined efforts result in innovative business models that help all partners accelerate the journey to zero footprint.

Through value-chain innovation, we develop viable, clean tech business opportunities for:

Zero emission fuels

Green hydrogen is key, but not the holy grail. Innovative storage and transport solutions are needed for zero-emission ships to go the distance.

Circular lifecycles

Modularity, standardization and lifecycle management are crucial steps on the path towards zero-footprint.

Enabling infrastructure

New technologies cannot drive system change alone – supporting infrastructure is required to transition, both on- and off-board.




Our Projects

THRUST abides by the philosophy of its mother company, Enviu, and approaches obstacles in the industry as opportunities. If the issue affects over a 100 million people, and there is an urgency, and willingness to resolve the issue – we see a business opportunity.

The core of that opportunity results in setting up new commercial entities through venture building. A preliminary impression of the ventures we’re currently working on: 



All aboard! Work with us if...

You’re looking for impact-driven business-builders: our multidisciplinary team is ready to hit the ground running;

You want to create impact and ensure you take the best journey to zero footprint;

You seek a low-risk, lean & entrepreneurial platform for validating and building viable clean tech solutions.



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